Annual costs exceed $30,000 per seminarian for education, room and board. We have 8 seminarians in preparation and 100% of proceeds will benefit The Chaldean Seminarian Fund. Help us keep the faith and support the future of our community.

West Bloomfield, Ml – Tragedy struck the family of John and Ann Mansour in July of 2013 losing their children Alexander (11) and Gabrielle (6) to a devastating boating accident. 

In the days, weeks and months of mourning,family, friends and the community came together to pray for the Mansours. Eleven-year old Adriana survived the accident suffering severe brain trauma and was in critical condition for months. She is currently progressing and able to attend school. 

The family took comfort from many, but it was the church, several priests and seminarians that never missed a day to pray with and console the Mansours. The family set up the foundation in memory of their children, and has scheduled three events benefiting the Chaldean Seminarian Fund. Events include: 

The family is honored to support the Chaldean Seminarian Fund that currently has 12 men in preparation.

See below for a Q & A with Fr. Pierre Konja on the events, fund and need to support as a community.


Q. What kind of support are the seminarians in need of?


A. The Church wants the seminarians to focus on growing in God’s love, discerning God’s will more deeply, growing as disciples of Jesus and doing their school work. As such, the Chaldean Church in Detroit has always had the policy that Seminarians should not worry about paying for their tuition or room and board. Each year the Chaldean Church in Detroit pays over $30,000 per seminarian to tuition and room and board. When there were only 2 or 3 men in the seminary, that expense was more manageable, but, thanks be to God,we have 11 seminarians and many more men considering joi ning the seminary, thus the need for support from the people of God to financially help with this expense .


Q. How does supporting this event help your cause?


A. Supporting this event has layers of helpfulness. First, it helps raise funds for the Seminary Fund and pay for the schooling. Second, it raises awareness of the need to support seminarians. Third, it shows how strong our church is to have so many young men willing to give their lives to Jesus and his church. Fourth, by raising awareness, young men who are not in the seminary might be more open the possibility of God calling them to be priests.


Q. Why is it important for the community to support this mission?


A. Priests and the church are here to serve the people of God. Often there is a temptation to look at the church and say “them” when we need to look at the church as a community and say “we.” So, by investing in seminarians,people are investing in the future of the church to have good priests keep the faith alive. Without the generous support of the people of God, the church can do nothing, but with their support, we can continue the mission of Jesus Christ to spread the Gospel and save souls.


Q. What is the value in having families participate in these events?


A. Families are where the faith starts, parents handing on and teaching their children about Jesus is the strength of the Church. So, when families participate in these events it helps to keep the memory of Alex and Gabby alive and to show how every person in the community has a part to play in its strength, from the little kids, to the elderly.