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Alexander will live in our hearts forever. We will reconnect one day in heaven and work together to maintain the beautiful garden in heaven.

Gabrielle will live in our hearts forever. We will reconnect one day in heaven and dance with the angels.

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See below for a Q & A with Fr. Pierre Konja
on the events, fund and need to support as a community


Q. What kind of support are the seminarians in need of?
A. The Church wants the seminarians to focus on growing in God’s love, discerning God’s will more deeply, growing as disciples of Jesus and doing their school work. As such, the Chaldean Church in Detroit has always had the policy that Seminarians should not worry about paying for their tuition or room and board. Each year the Chaldean Church in Detroit pays over $30,000 per seminarian to tuition and room and board. When there were only 2 or 3 men in the seminary, that expense was more manageable, but, thanks be to God, we have 8 seminarians and many more men considering joining the seminary, thus the need for support from the people of God to financially help with this expense .

Q. How does supporting this event help your cause?
A. Supporting this event has layers of helpfulness. First, it helps raise funds for the Seminary Fund and pay for the schooling. Second,it raises awareness of the need to support seminarians. Third, it shows how strong our church is to have so many young men willing to give their lives to Jesus and his church. Fourth, by raising awareness, young men who are not in the seminary might be more open the possibility of God calling them to be priests.